About the Guide

The guide, has been a keen observer of human mind and life. He has been exploring deep mysteries of human life and mind for over a decade. By education, he is an engineer and a management graduate from IIM Bangalore.

Having discovered that several hidden tendencies of human mind prevent human beings from realizing their full potential, as a founder of AwakenYourIntelligence.org, he now dedicates his full time to conduct intelligence workshops for children and adults.

If well received, these workshops can help participants unlock hidden intelligence, inner freedom and joy.

The guide has also written following books on this subject

# A Magical Song of the Universe
Written in the form of an engaging story, this book can unlock intelligence, inner freedom and joy for all readers irrespective of age and gender.
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# Who Am I? – A Discovery that can change your life
Discover what is living inside all human beings that is root cause of all sorrows and celebrations of human kind.
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# आनंद स्थल (हिंदी)
A journey of discovering the truth of life that can transform your life from that of a constant struggle to joy.
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# आनंद स्थळ (मराठी)
Marathi translation of आनंद स्थल (हिंदी)
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Proceeds from book sales and workshops contribute towards the mission of unlocking human intelligence, inner freedom and joy.