Emotional Intelligence for success in the corporate world

Several studies have proved that higher emotional intelligence is defining attribute of success in the corporate world.

People with higher emotional intelligence are able to make a significant positive difference to lives of their coworkers, subordinates, customers, suppliers and society as a whole.

This workshop is designed to give you following specific benefits

  1. Capacity to handle stress and handle whatever life throws at you with a smile.
  2. Beyond normal listening skills that would help you discover the world around you in a way that is beyond the capacity of normal human beings.
  3. Self awareness of your emotional state and of the emotional state of people around you. It would help you be joy and success and spread joy and success around you.
  4. Ability to handle internal and external conflicts in a way that works for all stake holders.
  5. Ability to understand and resolve complex human issues that you face on day to day basis at work. 
  6. These workshops are conducted on corporate premises and require a minimum of 10 participants per batch. 

To know more about these workshops please contact AwarenessFriend@AwakenYourIntelligence.org