Tennis Emotional Intelligence (TEI)

Cross over to the league of Champions

Emotional Intelligence separates top tennis players from the others.

With deep understanding of human psychology and workings of the human mind during real match situations, has developed Tennis Emotional Intelligence (TEI) course for tennis players who aspire to join the league of champions.

Emotional Intelligence 

  1. Helps players become aware of natural reactions of their own mind and how they affect performance during key match situations.
  2. Gives players specific tools to leverage positive reactions to win matches and prevent negative reactions from affecting match performance.
  3. Helps players achieve an emotional state that helps them achieve success with joy

Duration & Fee 

One week onsite followed by offline discussions and counselling.

Location: Pune India. 

There is no fee for the course.


Book titled “A Magical Song of the Universe” is a required pre reading for this course.  To register for the course, a player needs to read the book and send answers to all “Tops Stop questions” given at the end of each chapter to

After receiving the answers, the coach will contact you with available date/time slots and registration process.

You can use following link to download this book for free or order a print version online. Books and Publications

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