Children Workshops

Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Children

To assist children develop critical life skills, AwakenYourIntelligence.Org conducts emotional intelligence workshops for children (Age 10+)

These workshops are designed to unlock intelligence, inner freedom and joy. Specifically,  they can give children

#An ability to understand their own reactions and emotions.

#An ability to handle whatever life throws at them with smile.

# A natural ability to remain safe and deal with real situations of life with poise and intelligence

# Ability to avoid waste of energy in negative forces of irritation, anger, anxiety and channelize life energy to attain success in life

Location:  Undri, Pune, India

Fee for the course

There is no fee for the course.


Book titled “A Magical Song of the Universe” is a required pre reading for this course.

To register for the course child needs to read the book and send answers to all “Tops Stop questions” given at the end of each chapter to

After receiving the answers, the coach will contact you with available date/time slots and registration process.

You can use following link to download this book for free or order a print version online. Books and Publications

You can read about the work shop guide by clicking on this link